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Atem's Bounty is an Artifact fishing rod, the only fishing rod added by Atum. Like all artifacts, it can be obtained from Pharaohs in Pyramids, breaking a Godforged Block (Unaligned or of the god), and extremely rarely from crates and Relic Ore. Atem's Bounty is considered a "joke artifact" by the developer of Atum.


Alluring: You can catch rare and unique fish in Atum.

Fishing with this rod in Atum will allow you to catch three new kinds of fish: The Forsaken Fish, Mummified Fish, and Jeweled Fish. Their only purpose is to be turned into ectoplasm, cloth scrap, and gold nuggets respectively. The fishing rod only has 100 uses before this ability no longer works, but will still function as a normal fishing rod afterwards.