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Artifacts are weapons, tools, armor pieces, and accessories that are found in Atum. Artifacts have unique effects based on the god they are related to. This unique effect is naturally built into the item, allowing them to be enchanted. They are the most powerful items in Atum, and the rarest.

There are a total of 6 tools, 16 weapons ( with 7 bows and 1 trident), 6 rings/necklaces, 1 shield, and 2 full armor sets. Note that 3 of the tools, 2 axes and a pickaxe, are meant to be used as weapons.

Acquiring Artifacts[]

Artifacts are primarily obtained from defeating Pharaohs inside Pyramids, with 1 guaranteed to drop from the Pharaoh. They can also be found in crates within ruins, and can drop from Relic Ore, though the chance for both is .1%, leaving Pharaohs as the most reliable source.

Artifacts can also be obtained by melting down other artifacts and creating Godforged Blocks. Breaking these blocks with a Nebu Hammer will drop a random artifact, or if the Godforged Block is aligned to a certain god, an artifact from them.

All artifacts, regardless of how they are obtained, have the same drop chance as one another.

God Artifacts
Name Type Ability
Anput's Grounding Bow Pinning Arrow: Slows enemies on hit
Anput's Hunger Sword Feast and Famine: You are more Hungry, but feel fuller when you strike enemies
Anubis's Wrath Sword Soul Drinker: Absorbs the souls of slain foes, growing stronger
Eyes of Atem Helmet Heavily reduces desert fog
Body of Atem Chestpiece Additional Damage Reduction (Set Bonus: Recall on fatal damage)
Legs of Atem Leggings 50% resistance to knockback
Feet of Atem Boots +20% movement speed
Atem's Bounty Fishing Rod Alluring: You can catch rare and unique fish in Atum
Atem's Homecoming Staff Return: Teleports you back to your spawn point
Atem's Protection Shield Safeguard: 20% chance to negate all damage for 10 seconds, when blocking
Atem's Will Sword Defiance: 15% chance to gain resistance when attacking
Geb's Might Sword Mighty Slam: Stuns foes on full charge
Geb's Toil Shovel Performance: Consumes no fatigue to use and gives experience for your effort
Geb's Undoing Pickaxe Stonecutter: When fully charged deals double damage to stone foes
Horus's Ascension Sword Sweep: Fully charged attacks launch foes in the air
Horus's Soaring Bow Gliding: Fully charged arrows fly straight
Isis's Duality Bow Double Arrow: Fires two arrows
Isis's Healing Necklace Regeneration: Slowly regenerates health while equipped
Montu's Blast Bow Explosive Arrow: Fully charged arrows explode on impact
Montu's Strike Axe Slam: Fully charged attacks knock back and strike all nearby foes
Nepthys's Banishing Sword Banishing: When fully charged deals double damage to Undead foes
Nepthys's Guard Ring Divine Ward: Halves damage from Undead
Nuit's Ire Sword Dusk: Chance to apply Wither on hit or block.
Nuit's Quarter Sword Dawn: Chance to apply Weakness on hit or block.
Nuit's Vanishing Necklace Meld: While equipped and not moving, you are invisible
Osiris's Blessing Hoe Sowing: Tilled ground is blessed, with increased growth rate
Osiris's Mercy Necklace Reconstitution: When you die, you will keep your equipment and active items
Ptah's Decadence Pickaxe Wealth: Chance to turn Iron into Gold when mining
Halo of Ra Helmet Heavily reduces desert fog
Body of Ra Chestpiece Additional Damage Reduction (Set Bonus: Fire immunity)
Legs of Ra Leggings 50% resistance to knockback
Feet of Ra Boots +20% movement speed
Ra's Fury Bow Fire Shot: Flaming arrow ignites blocks and foes
Ra's Step Ring Radiant Step: You can walk on top of lava
Seth's Sting Sword Venomous: Poisons on full charge
Seth's Venom Bow Poison Arrow: Fires an arrow that poisons foes
Shu's Breath Bow Quickdraw: Charge arrows faster
Shu's Exile Axe Exile: Fully charged attacks have extra knockback
Shu's Swiftness Necklace Nimbleness: You run faster while equipped
Tefnut's Call Trident Wrath: Strikes foes with lightning when thrown.
Tefnut's Rain Bow Arrow Rain: When fully charged, arrows split into smaller arrows.