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A Pharaoh is an boss enemy type found in Atum.


Pharaohs are hostile mobs and will attempt to fire projectiles at the player if they see them and melee them if they get too close. They are immune to poison damage, fire damage, and fall damage. They take reduced knockback. They gain an additional ability depending on which god favors the pharaoh and the Sarcophagus contains an artifact related to that god. The first time they lose 25% of their maximum life they will summon two Mummies to protect them.

List of Godforged Powers

  • Atem - No Power
  • Ra - Ignites on Hit
  • Horus - Inflicts Mining Fatigue on Hit
  • Nuit - Inflicts Blindness on Hit
  • Tefnut - Inflicts Nausea on Hit
  • Isis - Regenerates Health Faster
  • Geb - Slows on Hit
  • Shu - Knocks Up on Hit
  • Ptah - Immune to Knockback
  • Anubis - Wither on Hit
  • Montu - Berserk on Hit
  • Seth - Poison on Hit
  • Anput - Hunger on Hit


A Pharaoh is summoned by placing four Nebu Torches on the Quandary Blocks surrounding a Sarcophagus in a Pyramid. If the Nebu Torches are replaced with God Torches of a specific god it will instead guarantee the Pharaoh is blessed by that god.