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Ra is a deity in Atum's pantheon. He is the second deity to have entered the realm following Atum and illuminated the darkness so he could work.


Ra and his twin brother Horus worked feverishly to build the sky in a way that would bring wonder and beauty to the realm of Atum. When the first night fell he plucked stars from the sky and used them to craft his chosen, the efreeti.

After the first Age of Creation the major pantheon stepped back and began watching their creations build their own world, beginning the Age of Empires where the gods only intervened when requested extensively by followers or cults.

During the War in Heaven Ra was incensed and betrayed. He warred with the people of the world the most of the gods and even lashed at the other gods for what he perceived was a betrayal within. His powers were sought by many mortals and siphoned into a massive array of weapons and armor to fight with. He was finally shattered by a legendary efreeti sorcerer using the artifact Sunset, the sorcerer's name was lost to history and thus became known as the Sunset Sorcerer.

After his death there remains two primary factions of his followers among the efreeti, the Sunspeakers and Lightbringers. The Sunspeakers construct massive lighthouses in his name to guide travelers in the deadly and savage world and hope to one day resurrect their lord by gathering shards of him. The Lightbringers remember his wrath in the War in Heaven as it echoes through their veins. They seek to purge the world of everything with fire and blade and rebuild it anew after the corruption has been rooted out.


Ra's favored creations were the efreeti. Their hearts containing fragments of stars they are a passionate people who seek to bring light to the world and help others find their way be it physically, mentally, or emotionally. Their fiery nature also makes them easy to provoke and once enraged they can be hard to calm. Many other races worshiped Ra with members of the Human, Montaur, Ophidian, Crocaw, and Nosoi races worshiping his many aspects in different ways.


Ra's power was favored heavily by the arcanoficers that would craft the godforged artifacts. As such there are many created from his essence buried in the sands of Atum.

  • Sunset (Not yet in-game)
  • Ra's Fury
  • Ra's Forging (Not yet in-game)
  • Ra's Fire (Not yet in-game)
  • Ra's Raidance (Not yet in-game)
  • Halo of Ra
  • Body of Ra
  • Legs of Ra
  • Feet of Ra